Good Clean Fun featuring Playdough

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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This song is about growing up in the hood.


This is the life and times of a kid writing rhymes
And reciting lines after a hard day fighting crimes
The only time in my life I laid my eyes on a gun
This kid Mark whipped one out and I called 9-1-1
A few minutes later, at my house, the cops pulled up
Asked, "How do we find him?" I said "Look for a bowl cut,
14 years old with a face full of pock marks
Not sure where he is now, but I doubt that he got far
He was standin' right here with the gun where you cops parked"
Came to find he went 3 or 4 blocks, barfed
From the nerves, the cop parked on the curb
Then he pulled out his gun and became harsh with his words
That's when Mark saw me in the back of the squad car
To this day I don't know if the gun was real or not, Mark
If it wasn't, please accept my apologies
But you never know if these kids are real Gs or Ali Gs

Middle class is the hood we from
Bowling and laser tag, good clean fun
Rap on the walkman, cards in the bike spokes
Riding around in neighborhoods full of white folks

Yo, your boy had a Huffy, spray painted black
Had a couple pegs, threw my homie on the back
And we heading to my room, trying to peep the new Thrasher
So we could learn them new skate tricks a little faster
It's all downhill, livin' without a care in life
Powell-Peralta and a Tommy Guerrero knife
Red skin, white skin, brown or black, kid
Nobody where I'm from was even rappin'
Except me, like the hometown hero, right
But the whole town thought I was a weirdo, right
Like, "This is a fad that's gonna pass
The Jesus Freak geek takin' his Bible to class"
Good pass, work on your J and shoot hoops
Teenybopper getting paid in my youth group
The biggest troublemaker made in the youth group
That's still the way I am today, like I'm too cute


We all went to this church called Fountain of Life
We'd eat pizza and drink Dew from the Mountain all night
We'd have overnight lock-ins and we'd listen for God's call
Bible study till midnight, then we played dodgeball
Like a sweat lodge, y'all, it was hot as a mug
Slept wherever we could on couches, ottomans, rugs
Never got into drinks, never got into drugs
Only fought with the ink, never fought with the slugs
Shoppin' like thugs, I was rockin' the Fubu
You grew up the 90s, "dawg," you know that was you, too
CDs and cassette tapes before there was YouTube
Landlines and pagers before there was bluetooth
Baggy jeans and jerseys, size double XL
Wigger status was never too subtle to tell
Using Zs on my plurals like it was trouble to spell
I probably spelled "y'all" Y-A-W-L



from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Verse 2 by Playdough
Produced by Glad2Mecha
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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