Gospel of Hatred

by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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released June 11, 2013

Beats for tracks 1 and 6 by Sound Scientists (www.facebook.com/SoundScientists?fref=ts)
Beats for tracks 2, 3, and 10 by Glad2Mecha (www.facebook.com/pages/Glad2Mecha/194382063934662?fref=ts)
Beat for track 4 by Peace 586 (www.facebook.com/peace586?fref=ts)
Beats for tracks 5 and 8 by NomiS (www.facebook.com/nomishiphop?fref=ts)
Beats for tracks 7 and 9 by Clutch (soundcloud.com/deejayclutch)
Cuts on track 5 by DJ Sean P (www.facebook.com/deejayseanp?fref=ts)
Samples on track 5 from "Fool's Gold" by Sojourn and "Grip of Fools" by Future Shock. Used with permission.
Music on track 10 by my brother, Zachary Kennedy
Chorus on track 10 by my wife, Bethany Kennedy
Guest verse on track 3 by Heath McNease (www.facebook.com/HeathMcNease?fref=ts)
Guest verse on track 4 by NomiS
Cover art by JIKarner (www.facebook.com/jikarnerart)
All tracks mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Spawned Hope
He sat by the Christmas tree, looked at stars wishfully,
And prayed to God to make this disease history
If he could, he wished he would, tired of wearing itchy hoods
And hats that made him feel out of place like some kitschy wood
Cabinets painted white in Richie Rich’s kitchen would
The thought was so refreshing, so blissfully good
That he got up off his laurels and he blissfully stood
And he shuffled ‘cross the living room floor like Ickey Woods
And then he prayed to God for a tiny glimpse of what health is
And thanked God for his family and all that they dealt with
And thanked God for the doctors and the nurses who help kids
And for all of the selfless who give help to the helpless
He fell asleep by the Christmas tree, and dreamed dreams that he could go
One solitary day without wondering wistfully
“Why this life of misery? Why not him, why is it me?
How many days until the Grim Reaper visits me?”

This is for those of us who’ve gone broke, those of us beyond hope
We wanna be strong, we don’t know how to go on though
At the end of our wits, at the end of a long rope
God help us go on, God help us all cope

The boy was beyond hope, but the dawn broke and spawned hope
He woke up Christmas Eve and he wrote Santa a long note,
The note said, “Dear Santa, I don’t have a wish list,
But if you’re not too busy now, this is what I want for Christmas:
Peace for my family, some friends who understand me,
And if it’s not too much to ask, the strength to be all that I can be
These days and these nights, they're just a blur to me
And I’m tired and I’m weak and this treatment is hurting me”
He sealed the letter with a sticker which reflected his maturity
Then he thought back six months to his birthday on June 9th
Missing out on birthday parties, presents, balloons, kites
The hospital room's white, hacking up blood, Gesundheit
From morning to moonlight, becoming too much to bear
Only seven years old and he’s losing his hair
The TV’s losing its flair, he glares at Finding Nemo sterilely
Preparing for another grueling day of chemotherapy

This is for those of us who’ve gone broke, those of us beyond hope
We wanna be strong, we don’t know how to go on though
At the end of our wits, at the end of a long rope
God help us go on, God help us all cope

It was date night with Grandma, so the boy packed his suitcase
With an extra set of clothes and his favorite kind of toothpaste
Getting ready for the fruitcake and the classic Christmas cartoons
Meanwhile across town an old man at the bar croons
For Mom and Dad and their friends at a benefit dinner
And Mom and Dad wonder what kind of sick twisted sinner
Is the unlucky winner of this awful lot in life
With no option to turn back like Lot and his wife
The stress and the strife, they continue to stay there
Feeling life’s just a game and sometimes God doesn’t play fair
The hospital bills and the pills and the stray hairs
On the couches at home and the carpets at daycare
The pamphlets on facts of cancer, the lack of answers
The dinners with bad drinks, bad jazz and hapless dancers
The total strangers and the crooners and waiters
Are all saying “things are bound to get better sooner or later”
When they don’t really know that and they can’t guarantee it
Tired of praying for peace when they feel like they won’t ever see it
Tired of feeling defeated, unwanted and unneeded
After all the good things they’ve done in life they feel cheated
Their lives went from best to worst, from blessed to cursed
Maybe things will improve, but maybe there’s a lesson first
That no one is good, not even one,
You can search the whole earth, we’re all cursed as Eden’s sons

But praise God, when all of us were beyond hope
That’s when the dawn broke and the sunrise spawned hope
For those of us who’d gone broke, those of us beyond hope
We wanna be strong, we don’t know how to go on though
At the end of our wits, at the end of a long rope
God helped us go on, God helped us all cope
When all was lost, and we all were beyond hope,
That’s when the dawn broke and the sunrise spawned hope
Track Name: A House Divided
Lash out at the passers-by, make no attempt to pacify
With the lost sheep outside the carefully crafted lines
Of your church, maybe they didn't like the pasture's size
Or the shepherd and how his ultimate pastor's prize
Is weekly attendance, keeping track of who patronized
And finding new ways to make sure you're surpassin' highs
Social media's where he wants you to cast your eyes
Get on facebook, it's time to update your status, guys
Get on twitter too, and make sure to get the hashtags right
iPhone on vibrate, keep track of the fast replies
Week after week, cashin' in on the sacrifice
The holy house of God is the perfect place to advertise
Starbucks in the foyer, a little extra cash is nice
That's totally Biblical, I think I just read that last night
12th verse, 21st chapter of Matthew, right?

A house divided against itself cannot stand
Neither can a house with a foundation of sand
The world hates the church, and we can't really blame them
Cause we're not even being the church, can I get an "amen"?

Why do we worry about whether or not we're being fed?
We need to be worried about our lack of unity instead
We're so focused on getting what we think we deserve
We forget that we're here to serve, not to be served
We've become nothing more than a loose-lipped sick culture
Who finds our identity in a crucifix sculpture
Bumper stickers, lame t-shirts, and expensive mints
Hypocritically inscriptive with the words "repent for sins"
A t-shirt of Jesus that's rippin' off Reese's
Won't ever make a single unbeliever believe us
It'll just prolong the stereotype that Christians are lame
And honestly, the negative attention's a drain
Our mission's been stained by division and blame
But that doesn't mean that the mission has changed
Our primary goal should still be lifting his name
So be thou our vision cause our vision has waned


Like clockwork, this awkwardness has run cyclical
The house has divided itself, that's unbiblical
A sick and twisted demented abomination
We're so incompatible we invented denominations
Look at the list, who can keep track of all those?
Who follows Paul and who follows Apollos?
How in God's name can we expect to reach others
If we can't even see eye to eye with each other?
Trying to be bigger than the next guy, we're trippin' on stilts
Drippin' with guilt, why are we still sippin' on milk?
Church isn't Taco Bell, don't keep the meat a mystery
It also isn't Firefox, we can't delete our history
Let's learn from our mistakes, I beg and plead you'll chisel me
Into a new creation till the transformation is complete
We've had an ugly past, pushed unity to the side
And forgotten the simple truth that we are the bride
And the bonds the bride forges will make her a better her
Unbeatable like Schwarzenegger in Predator
Some people grew up in church and felt victimized
Some people grew up in church and felt hypnotized
Does that mean that we have to conclude that the Scriptures lied?
Or is it simply that some churches didn't get the mission right?
It was never about us, that's the point we've been missin', guys
Let's take the focus off ourselves and worship the risen Christ
Track Name: Human Mistakes featuring Heath McNease
We're disastrous messes and the masses address this
By asking pastors to bless us weekly after the message
There's a deep-rooted problem, we haven't captured the essence
We're already full but still we're askin' for seconds
And after the seconds we'll come back and be reckless
The war's already here but we haven't fashioned the weapons
We're just dust in the wind and we're frustrated when
We fall so much we feel we can't be trusted again
So we use grace as a clutch as we continue to plummet
To back alleys and valleys, how'd we fall from the summit?
We can recognize the problem, but we never learn from it
If you can't beat the problem, pretty soon you'll become it
We're evil and vile men getting played like a violin
Resorting to violence and contorted defiled sins
Substance vs. style - in this culture, style wins
But when that bell tolls, brother, you better be dialed in

We're losing the race and abusing his grace
With the self-centered routes that we're choosing to take
Ignoring clues in the wake of bruises and scrapes
The excuse that we make: It's just human mistakes (2x)

(Heath McNease)
I ain't swappin' 16s, I'm fighting for my life
I'm 23rd Psalmin' with this Bible and this knife
I'm quoting "lamp unto my feet and light unto my path"
But the knife is hoping Heath will plant it right against the tracks
3 AM and hurtin', reading C.H. Spurgeon
Oughta give perspective knowing he a saint but he ain't perfect
Neither was Clive Staples, Neither was Os Chambers,
Utmost for his highest couldn't hide us from my God's anger
Now this fifth of Jack's freaking got me on one
Jimmy Swaggert's on the tube, I'm hugged up to my shotgun
Thinkin' I should swallow that barrel and blow a barn door
Out the back of my pathetic head cause what's a heart for?
A weigh station for mistakes I can't erase
A safe haven for the thoughts that make me harder to embrace
A scarlet letter on my chest I got cause I'm insane
At least that's what they told tell me when I walked into their place


We're vague and even ignorant, plagued by this addictiveness
Or maybe even worse, we're plagued by our indifferences
We know he's infinite, we act as if he's insignificant
Refusing to let ourselves be shaped into his instruments
Basically we're modern-day Adams and Eves
Adamantly denying faults and saying "That wasn't me"
Convicted in shame but we're shifting the blame
And we try to run and hide when he mentions our name
We're messes of men but he'll bless us again
And again with his grace that covers stresses and sins
Thinking "No way I could ever be as wretched as him"
We've got pride deep within us like tattoos etched in skin
When we let that pride go, that's the meaning of sacrifice
When it feels like we've already lost, we'll come back to fight
Based on what we believe, and not what we feel
And based not on the wounds, but the fact that we'll heal

Track Name: Gospel of Hatred featuring NomiS
Your sole purpose in life appears to be judging others
Always trying to pick fights, on the prowl for curmudgeon lovers
That’s some awfully thin ice you appear to be trudging, brother
It’s not your job to interpret what the Bible does and doesn’t cover
King Kulture, Beautiful Eulogy, beautiful music
Look at the youtube hits, nobody gives their two cents
About Theory’s talent, how he chooses to use it
Check all the new comments from the new twits who view it
Nobody wants to lose this debate: cigar or chewstick?
And these grandiose debates are overshadowing the music
Ironic title time: Lecrae’s Live and Let Live
Now we’ve got another great debate: sieve and let sieve
Like it’s your job to separate the sheep from the goats
Like a goat has no business making beats that are dope
I could understand if the artist came out with a new joint
With a conflict of interests, morals, and viewpoints
But your ideas are unfounded, untrue, incomplete
Cause all Lecrae did was have a guy make him a beat
For the people’s enjoyment, but you’ve gotta destroy it
Don't you people understand this is his line of employment?
Have you never worked with someone who wasn’t the same as you?
Are we judged differently if we’re believers but we’re famous too?
Keep your eyes peeled, in every youtube video evil lurks
It’s the perfect place to judge a man’s faith by his works

It's quickly getting serious, increasing of the eeriness
These kids ain't hearing this, they get their answers from what Siri gives
My heritage brings pride
I rep'd Oceanside with both hands but you mistook it for a Pyramid
Deer in the headlights, spearing it dead right there
You can hear but you don't listen, so you kick 'em out of fear
And rip 'em out a rear, a whole new one
With no regard for what my crew done, our community's improving, son
Im studying the greats while you be learning "Jig"
A Christian Battle Rapping up in clubs like I was Jurny Big
If I burn a cig, you go inferno and you turn your wig
And think that I'll be burning for eternal
But if you only knew about your favorite rapper
And what he do after the show ends, you'd think he was an actor
And I ain't saying they ain't spitting booth truth
I'm saying they don't speak about what keeps them out of youth group

Shut the world off, let’s start a secret society
Of all your qualifications, we only require three
If you don’t have em yet, make sure you acquire these:
A loud mouth with two sides of bigotry and piety
But it’s equal opportunity: you’re pregnant with apparent twins?
That’s okay, we’re now accepting plank-eye and arrogance!
This is fantastic news, tell your boys it’s all true
And keep pointing the finger like you’re Moises Alou
Finding someone else to blame for all of your problems
Goats and Bartman in Chicago, and Babe Ruth in Boston
If there were any recruits left on the horizon, you’ve lost ‘em
All you do is feed immature heads like colostrum
The more you stoked the fire, the issues got hotter
You’re hopeless and lost, you're like a fish out of water
You’re hopeless and lost, you're like a kid with no father
In a huge crowd of people, and I really should not bother
Telling you how you interpreted so many things that Christ said wrong
How can you be so headstrong yet so dead wrong?
About basic ideas like love and acceptance
And not ringing your bell in the air like the Fresh Prince
You’re so mesmerized, so trapped in a web of lies
You’ve got a vilified look, borrowed straight from the devil’s eyes
You're so full of judgment, so hostile and jaded
My Christ did not preach your Christ’s gospel of hatred
Track Name: Cry for a Nickel featuring DJ Sean P
I woke up one morning, got out of bed slow
A real slob, lookin’ for a real job cause Dad said so
But nobody wants me, like post-Brady Bledsoe
Gotta get ahead so I kept bookin’ and kept lookin’
Gettin’ sick and tired of the fast food prep-cookin’
So I got up and bailed, I got jobs in sales
Hoping that would be the thing that would cure all that ails
Responsibility’s killing me and making me hesitant
Which dishonest company do I currently represent?
While you were settin’ tables we were settin’ precedents
Obsessin’ with CFOs, CEOs and presidents
Life’s been pleasant since
I started brightening my future by fighting through the present tense
Idea that money’s god and nobody can question this
Families falling apart but at work we’re perfectionists
We need more stability and less of this recklessness

If you'll cry for a nickel, then you'll die for a dime
I send this one out to those going out for the game
Cause caps to bust just to boost your profit line
Cause a diamond ain't nothin' but a rock with a name

Locked in a cage of expectations, making raging declarations
Of desired independence from required attendance
In the places I hate, one gunshot starts the race
Then contestants shoot each other right out of the gate
If you ain’t first you’re last, and that’s a terrible fate
Like knowing you’re next up to get buried by the mob
You divorced your wife but you’re still married to the job
No holds barred, you gotta get ahead in life
You were a deadbeat dad, and you had to shed that dead-end wife
We’re bleedin’ greed with no need for need anymore
You gotta sell yourself out to get your feet in the door
The product sells itself too, so put your seed in that whore
And watch her lead the horde of new generations of bold minds
It’s happened untold times
The old blind lead the new blind to the gold mine
Next time someone asks you “how’s life?” say “I sold mine”


Everything is meaningless to say the least
I daydream that these plagued diseased days will cease
And we’ll slay the beast, and we’ll have days of peace
When we’ll realize that there’s more to life than raisin’ yeast
That’s gonna make the bread that’s gonna pay the fees
More importantly to buy new toys and play with these
Yo, we’ve got it backwards like we’re facing east
To watch the sun set on our favorite beach
The whole earth is so worthless, so dull, there’s no purpose
New generations fall victim to old curses
Rolexes, Lexuses, mojo and gold purses
Won’t get you more than slow rolls in your own hearses
Focused on dollar signs, all else is stick figures
Focused on now, not concerned with the big picture
Lowering caskets, hiring ditch diggers
We can get rich or die trying or try dying to get richer

Track Name: Man Enough to Fight This
Nightmares bring back memories of my past life
No matter how much time elapses I remember it like last night
I’d trespass right into places I’d lose control
Hit the glass, bruise the skull, gain the world, lose the soul
Then have the nerve to ask somebody else “why are you sinful?”
Like God paid my dues in full and now I’m his property
Even though I’m too lazy to even try to hear him talk to me
I’m a living sacrifice, but what am I offering?
I’m sloppily falling into mediocrity
It's locking me in, I'm becoming a mockery
But I can only blame myself for the lack of mutual tightness
Between us, cause I gave in even to the slightest
Temptations, the slyest manipulations, no patience
Ignoring octagons on the road of dissemination
Excuses are useless, this continually diffuses
Why do I give in, why can’t I just elude this?
The truth is I can, but I just can’t seem to prove this
Falling short of my capacity and having the audacity
To pretend I’m man enough to do the simple things he’s asked of me
My system is ailing, failing to remove the crap in me
As a tapeworm makes way to my soul and feeds off of it
My intentions and actions fuse into exact opposites
I wanna see true, but can I see past the false?
I wanna see you, but can I see past the walls?
I got a knack and faculty to crack the shackles
But it’s so hard to break em like a Patrick Willis tackle
On my knees you’ll find me trying to tear the chains that bind me
Like chronic diseases, I’m free in the name of Jesus

I’m more than ready, I wanna die
To my selfish self, I wanna fly
Into a sky of freedom, I wonder why
I keep living like this and can’t be man enough to fight this (x2)

Man enough to close my eyelids
And ignore the voice inside my head saying “try this”
Despite this trend of apathy and its vice grips
Despite the crap I see the darker the night gets
I wanna be able to know for sure where the light is
Cause I’m scared as hell of this carousel
I’m chokin’, I’m broken, and it’s not fair to tell
You otherwise, it’s not all peaches and butterflies
Brothers and sisters, you might wanna shut your eyes
Cause things done in dark will eventually come to light
It’s a masquerade, let’s play charades, the role I’ve played
A man who prayed and made himself out to be holy
Fully aware that this gravity can pull me
Down to earth and rip band-aids off my self-worth
So it keeps bleeding
Despite rebirth I keep conceding
To selfishness, helpin this sinful heart to keep beating
Speeding up, this dire fire of desire is heating up
And burning the flock
We fall time and again like babies learning to walk
And “I’m only human” is a played out excuse
Cause I know better by now, but it’s like my neck’s in a noose,
And I can get it loose, but I can’t get rid of it,
Time to flip the script, I’m sick of it, I’m a hypocrite
I can say I love you all I want but I can’t prove it
Until I consciously grab hold of this noose and remove it
And take my cross and carry it, and take myself and bury it
Cause there’s no way in hell I’ll be the next Judas Iscariot

Track Name: Moment in Time
Lael Olivia – my beautiful first born daughter
I promise to always quench your thirst for a father
To fulfill all your needs, and to always be there for you
To stay faithful to your mother, and to always prepare for you
A home of stability, grounded in faith and a will to be
A family that serves God, both lovingly and willingly
To cherish all the simple things in life that we take for granted
Like how you’re so polite when you ask me to make a sandwich

And your limitless energy, how it’s always refillable
How you pronounce all your words with one extra little syllable
You invite me to your room for a tea party or a picnic
Or to sit down on the floor by your bedside and read you Thidwick
The Big-Hearted Moose or The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss
Or that look of concern on your face when your tooth is loose
How you ask if you can cuddle with your stuffed giraffe or your baby sheep
And how you rub your eyes and yawn when I rock you to sleep

A real man, a father, there's a moment in time
When you realize that you've grown up, and that moment was mine

Ever since you were one you called your stuffed animals “creatures”
Ever since you were two you said you wanted to be a teacher
You’d play school in your bedroom, make up names for the students
Imagination running wild everywhere that you went
Staring at the TV, mesmerized and tired looks
Not even old enough to read, you memorized entire books
You’d wake up in the morning, legs rolled up on your PJ pants
Watch Yo Gabba Gabba, dance with Brobee and DJ Lance
Center of attention, you’re the center of each day’s plans
The center of my entire life, you made me a man
A real man, a father, there’s a moment in time
When you realize that you’ve grown up, and that moment was mine
When they took your mom to surgery and said that I had to stay
Alone in the other room, feeling helpless, I had to pray
And that gut-wrenching, powerless, helpless feeling was the worst
Torn from my wife and my soon-to-be first born


I went through more emotions in that one single night
Than I collectively did in the first 26 years of my life
Out of nowhere, they say we need an emergency c-section
Utter chaos, we’ve gotta move with urgency, 3 seconds
Ago, I was so excited about being a dad-to-be
Now I’m trying to comfort my miserable wife in her agony
Trying to be the strong, supportive husband that I had to be
Trying to stay calm in the storm under clouds of tragedy
How do you comfort a woman, when you’ve never even been there?
What if I said “it’s okay” and it wasn’t, that wouldn’t have been fair
Tears rolling down, I’ve got my head in my palms
Feeling desperate and alone, I started reading the Psalms
I learned that even in the midst of disastrous under-planning
Even in the midst of backstabbing and under-handing
Even in the midst of suddenly-torn-asunder families
We can take solace in the fact that God’s peace passes understanding
Track Name: The Pauper's Only Chance
A concept partially or fully missed, the longevity of holiness
Has transferred from our backbone to our backburner
Old concepts are only exciting to new learners
Head turners to them, but we don’t even notice
We just sit around and try to figure out what the cheat code is
Like this is our precious time and he doesn’t deserve this
We’ve lost sight of our purpose and lost sight of his purchase
And we’ve heard this and that, yet it still never sinks in
The bar’s replaced the church as the highlight of our weekend
Knees bend as we’re hit from the blindside
With the realization that our willpower’s weaker than our hindsight
Not saying we can’t drink, not saying we can’t have fun
But we can’t serve two masters, we can only have one
This hazy mist of laziness has us beaten,
Defeatin ourselves hoping not to get caught cheatin
Dip one toe first, pretty soon we got both feet in
Then act like befuddled freaks when the puddle creeps
Till we’re knee-deep in our own filth and still saying “it wasn’t me”
No struggle leaves when we juggle these subtleties
And hope nobody sees like smuggled peas
Dying to tell the world what the missing puzzle piece is
But I’m left speechless like a muzzled beast is
I can’t say “Jesus” in front of you
I’ll make small talk, tell jokes, or make fun of you
But for some reason I freeze when I think of confronting you
About more important things than how much snow the latest forecast brings
Like I don’t know what the purpose of words is
Small talk is worthless and life serves a purpose

Our health is decaying, we're self-medicating
Supernaturals battle as we straddle the fence
We're helplessly waiting for wealth, dreams are fading
The pauper's only chance was to shadow the prince

This time the glass is more than half empty
Like every year of our lives ever since we passed twenty
We know in our heads, but we gotta live this and plant it
In our hearts and not take forgiveness for granted
It’s not enough to hear it, we need to understand it
And live by the Spirit, the way that he planned it
We’re numb to the truth, it no longer excites us
Let’s hunt for some proof that he still lives inside us
The space in our hearts falling victim to trespassing
Just passing through, take turns matching and mixing
Pure things and sick things, something is missing
Like open wounds, the sting of this missing something hurts
Like body odor in a thrift store the emptiness lingers
My conscience says “try praying” but I can’t listen or say things
And every time that I try I wander off into dazed daydreams
And can’t focus and feel hopeless so I throw fits
The worst part of it all is that I know it’s
So close, yet it feels so far
Like a pitch black night playing Ghost in the Graveyard
Have you ever sat outside perusing the stars
And wondered if there’s more to life than boozing in bars
Have you ever asked yourself why you even exist
Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to get pissed
About the most minute things but ignore the biggest?
We’re selfish, we’re shallow, bordering on bigots
Stop making excuses, not breaking loose is a sin
We can’t live two lives concurrent and swim the current
And get pulled down and drown if there’s any deterrent

Track Name: The Same Tongues
Blessing God, cursing men, it's time we came clean
Fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring
We were meant to be close, tightly knit like some hip huggers
Instead we love to lift ourselves up while we rip others
And every single word that our hypocritical lips utter
Tends to steer the events in our lives like a ship rudder
Maybe we keep the hush-hush words as silent as mouse squeaks
We've got problems beneath the surface like when a house creaks
Out of the overflow of a wicked heart the mouth speaks
And it usually starts as mindless idle chatter
Chit and chat, this and that, never vital matters
Like a spark from a single match igniting a forest
Worlds collide when our words are so biting and porous
Fighting the war isn't exciting, it bores us
I'm inviting you to do what James' writing implores us
I'm inviting you to join in reciting my chorus

The same tongues blessing God and cursing men
Gossip and slander weaved in the webs of words we spin
The same tongues blessing God and cursing men
We’re in desperate need of change like Plessy vs. Ferguson

I stare in space and see a barren wasteland
Gray skies, gray land, gray seas and gray sand
It's a restless evil, full of deadly poison
The same tongue that sings praise to God destroys men
We're a brood of vipers spewin' crude and snide words
Rude lewd rumors, this putrid spite hurts
It's controlling us all like a bit in a horse's mouth
It's time we take action with passion and force it out
We're aimless and careless, our hearts have been calloused
Rooted in bitterness, viciousness, malice
Drowning in apathy, no one is indignant
We plead ignorance to these acts of malignants
Inside our walls, like all outside are Godless monsters
The church itself has no lack of these gossipmongers
Enough of the small-scale talk and the tall tales
If Christ isn't Lord of our language, it all fails


We're gossipers, slanderers, lowlifes and liars
Our tongues have the power to set our whole lives on fire
This cheap laugh-grabbing and weak drab babbling
Cannot produce good, they can only reap backstabbing
The Spirit envies intensely and tends to make mincemeat
Of the weaklings who can't tell their friends from their enemies
The whole of our people is so full of evil
We need full upheaval from pulpit to steeple
We're adulterous people, so vagrant and flawed
Friendship with the world equals hatred of God
It's a snowball effect, we can't stop the madness
We're imprudent, thoughtless, impulsive, and tactless
Manifesting our pride keeping names on our bad lists
Santa Claus with a vengeance, we've forgotten the fact is
That our own pasts and presents are checkered with throngs
Of mistakes, and real love keeps no record of wrongs

Track Name: Whatever Befall
Who by fearing can add a single hour to his life?
What kind of world are we living in, so cowering in fright
That a man can’t walk to the store to buy some flowers for his wife
Without carrying his power – a Sig Sauer and a knife?
Now we’re not here to debate about gun control, that dead
Horse has no bones in tact, a fractured skull in his head
And he’s been dead already for years upon years
So today let me speak to your ears on your fears
We’re afraid of every corner and the trouble that leers
We’re afraid of the cops, we’re afraid of the queers
We’re afraid of the illegals, the Arabs, Latinos
We only feel safe around the company that we know
We're afraid of the economy, afraid of the terrorists
Afraid that Obama doesn't know when he was born where his parents lived
Why are we so paranoid? Why are we so hesitant
To pray for him but not to slander the President?

Though sorrows like sea billows roll
Even so it is well with my soul
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
Still be my vision, oh ruler of all

If God's promised us he keeps his eye on the sparrows
And keeps track of our heads and every time that a hair grows
Do we really need to fear someone capturing our airflow?
Do we really need to fight sticks and stones with bows and arrows?
You've been too busy worrying to even notice this
But faith and fear are opposites, they cannot coexist
He said that he'd be here whenever we call
And we need to believe that, whatever befall
And not cleverly stall at every wall
That builds itself up against our weaponry, y'all
Put your fears, inhibitions, and sorrows on the shelf
Don't worry about tomorrow, tomorrow'll worry bout itself
Speak now thy wisdom, see how I listen
I'm engulfed in this darkness, so be thou my vision
Even in the face of the most ultimate loss
We're being pulled, tugged, and tossed by that old rugged cross


The world crumbles around me, the waves crash and surround me
The enemy intends, as I struggle, to drown me
As I stumble with clown feet, he pummels and pounds me
All I had to do the whole time was humble the proud me
I'm being passive-aggressive, I have to confess this
My report's satisfactory with capital S's
And I may not be failing but I'm passing with guesses
Goin' through the motions like a bank teller cashin' a check is
He took action and crept, he attacked as I slept
With a tranquilizer dart in the back of my neck
He knew where the rations were kept, he was stackin' the deck
Manifesting the spiritual through acts of the flesh
I'm attracted to death, I'm a has-been, a mess
But sometimes God moves the most when we're shackled and wrecked
When I'm gaspin' for breath and no passion is left
Let my thoughts be on you and take captive the rest