Full Circle featuring DJ Sean P

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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Not a battle rap song, but a song about watching a rap battle.


Between these four cold walls the lights flicker
Two old dogs staring to see which one bites quicker
And which one flinches first, and which one’s pinch is worse
They both know nothing short of perfection quenches thirst
So they choose their words accordingly
In the battle rap annals they’ll be viewed immortally
There’s an aura of confidence, it’s just common sense
To walk with some swagger and a sense of accomplishment

They got people pullin' over, stopping to mull it over
Waiting for the next move like the top of a rollercoaster
And who knows which way to go? The stars are sensational
The hunger is building and the crowd is insatiable
They bob their heads, drops of sweat hit the pine floor
As the masters of ceremonies come through tha side door

One had a permanent look on his face that said “I’m bored”
The other had a permanent smile on his face like Hines Ward

Whatever it takes, they aim to intimidate
Try to get in their head, make em fall for the dinner bait
This runs in their blood, this is the stuff that invigorates
One word could determine the loser’s and winner’s fates
Rapping circles around any emcee in the fifty states
So between em they could rap fifty states worth of figure eights
Their minds flow and their rhymes go wherever the beat goes
They defeat foes with ease and keep hitting like Pete Rose
All ears are on edge, are rhymes hittin' or missin?
Not a soul in the crowd is in a sittin' position
The vocalists focus on dopeness, the hope is no blemishes
They go blow for blow, so no interest diminishes
Toe to toe till the end like slow-mo photo finishes
They feed off the crowd’s energy like photosynthesis
Outside playing it cool, inside throwing conniption fits
Knowing that one slip means they’ve lost to their nemesis

He was gifted and blessed, he lifted his chest
He breathed heavily and then he zipped up his vest
His nerves were on edge but he ripped it his best
He grabbed hold of that script and he flipped it and left
In school he used to copy and they’d rip up his test

Now others copy him when he rips it his best
They're bitin’ his rhymes, they're bitin’ his style
He’s gettin’ famous now, time to whiten his smile
Writin’ a mile a minute, all the while he’s in it
Annihilitaing his opponents to definitively win it
Make him feel out of place, like a slackjaw slim thuggin'
Possibly related to some Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Possibly the spawn of some backwashin’ husband
Who married his backwater fat bald twin cousin
And finally, he breathed a sigh of relief
When the only look left his enemy’s eye was defeat


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Produced by DJ Sean P
Cuts by DJ Sean P
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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