The February Letter

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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A story of teenage love.


This is the story of my high school years

Ladies, grab some tissues and prepare to wipe your tears
There was this girl that I liked, her name was Bethany Hunter
I’d just been dumped, and some guy had just dumped her
It was a match made in heaven, some rebounding rejects

But I gave myself no chance of her dating me next
I was still gun-shy, had to stay on my toes
And she felt the same way, still we got really close
We hung out together, like all day every day
She got a job where I worked, and she took minimum pay
She said “I love my job, I don’t care how much it pays me”
I gave her rides to work, and she flirted like crazy
I didn’t mind moving fast food down the line with her
All that mattered to me was that I got to spend time with her
Made a pros and cons list, what would happen if we dated?
Looking back now, I can’t believe how long we waited
We were basically best friends for a good eighteen months
Couldn't take it any longer, one day we were eating lunch
At Pizza Hut, and she wore a tight yellow sweater
And I couldn’t stop thinking how every day since I met her
She got more and more beautiful and we got along better
And in my back pocket I held a handwritten love letter
I’d been working on for weeks, just waiting for the right time
To make sure that her old wounds had healed despite mine
Falling more in love, every day, everywhere we went
And I finally gave the note to her on February 10th

The note basically said, “You’re a girl, so I doubt you,
I’m still scared and hurt, but there’s something about you,
How deep does this go? How strong does this grow?
How many times can I tell myself no?
How long can I deny it? How long can I be quiet?
There’s clearly a connection, would it really hurt to try it?
How long can I tell myself that you’re just a phase
When I keep telling the phase to go away but it stays?

How long can I wait if this phase never dies?
I see something inside of your beautiful eyes
Is it something I want? Is it something I love?
I’m afraid to find out, but what am I afraid of?
I’m afraid to get hurt, for girls love’s just a game
But that wasn’t you, please prove you’re not all the same”
So I gave her the note, and she liked it a lot
Said she felt the same way, so we gave it a shot
She said “I like you, you like me, we get a long great”
And four days later, we went out on our first date
It was Valentine’s Day, she called me up on my pager
Said “Let’s go somewhere simple and cheap, nothing major”
It felt natural, no hidden feelings suppressed her
Or me, it felt free, with no need to impress her
A weight had been lifted, and with it the pressure
So I grabbed a couple bucks from the top of my dresser
I took her to McDonalds, and that swept her away
We got ice cream, held hands, and we called it a day

My knees got weak, I could barely stand
I could barely speak the question, but now I’m a married man
It’s a privilege just to know you, no matter what we go through
Through seasons of change, the new you and the old you
I've got volumes of knowledge from the lessons you’ve taught me
I love all your dance moves that our daughters have copied
And now we’ve got the first decade under our belt
Through thick and thin, nothing’s changed the way that we felt
Still in our opening scene, we’ll be together till the credits roll
Think back, we were just kids when we met, it’s incredible
Now we’ve got kids, fat tax returns, state and federal
Spend money, make money back, let the cheddar roll
Bethany, you’re the best for me, your beauty takes the breath from me
I’ll give you my all, please accept nothing less from me
I never understood why you were ever impressed with me
But I won’t argue with God for so incredibly blessing me
It’s tattooed on my arm and engrained in my heart
I meant what I said, I said “Till death do us part.”


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Produced by Clutch
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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