Poltergeist Jones featuring Rkitect & NomiS

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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This song is also about rapping.


I got these notes by the throat, Rkitect, have mercy
My sweet 16s got teams giving me jerseys
I'm subterranean, maybe you might've heard of me
My catalog has rocked more cribs than a nursery
Hands in the air, it's a burglary
I've got a way with words, putting verbs in the infirmary
In a mic booth, getting prepped for surgery
Our culture's okay without a God and that's hurting me
Freedom for certain when the curtain was torn in half
And now I'm covered like the Lord's playing cornerback
I got a sinister plan
To snatch our music and our culture out of enemy's hands
So raise the standard cause the fans demand it
Grab this mic and rock it like NASA planned it
Y'all went pop like a pimple burst
I'm waiting on the return of the King like I grew up in Middle Earth

Rkitect, Nomis, Poltergeist Jones
Can't see us but we'll move you with our cold-as-ice tones
Got better rhyme schemes than you overhyped clones
Who are supposedly kings of these open mic thrones

Empty rhymes from empty minds in the shallow end of skill
I'm talented and ill, disemboweling em at will
The food chain of hip-hop, you're balancing the field
You're a mouse, I'm a hawk, and my talons'll get you killed
If I had a rap name you'd call me Poltergeist Jones
Can't see me but I'll move ya with my cold-as-ice tones
Colder than ice cream from Oberweis cones
Got better rhyme schemes than you overhyped clones
Think of all the lives I might wreck just doing a mic check
I have a way with words but you perceived it as a life threat
When I said "watch your mouth, get up off the couch"
All you heard was metal objects getting sharpened in the slaughterhouse


You spit basic rhymes on those hip-shaking grinds
You weren't built for this game, homie, quit wasting time
Your dumb rhymes and punchlines were nightmarish flops
Came to open mic night, your jokes were weaker than Carrot Top's
Extinct like Triceratops, why do you share your thoughts?
I'ma teach you a lesson that you'll wish that your parents taught
Don't step on the court throwing airballs and errant shots
Wearing Crocs with a pair of socks, shouting, "Pantera rocks!"
The ultimate paradox, people will stare and mock
You had your fair share of the spotlight, am I not right? It's glarin' hot
It's a fight between bear and fox, don't know why we're comparin' shots
That's like trying to compare a pair of Nikes to your pair of Crocs


It ain't just me, but I sing for the fam bam
You need to get on first before I swing for the grand slam
Life's a Bloodsport, finna spring into Van Damme
You rappers back to bed, finna bring in the Sandman
You're line dancing and you're singing the "Can Can"
So tap tap puppet in the sling of The Man's hand
This life change, it ain't a thing that a band can
You want to be Drake, but homie nobody can stand Stan
And after the Sandman is Venom
Looking for a host, should've known the Symbiote was in him
Spitting "give me dough, plenty Blow in your denim"
Without any coke in them, folks spoke of condominiums and winning, nope
Sending hope, pierce the soundwaves of sin
I found ways of ending those idiots and sound slaves who pity us
Disgusting and hideous, like I want to be you
Honest NomiS, I was born to be true


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Verse 1 by Rkitect
Verse 4 by NomiS
Produced by NomiS
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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