Days and Days featuring Heath McNease

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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This song is about rapping.


I rap for days and days, my weapon sprays and sprays
I'm bringing out the best like Hellmann's mayonnaise
And it's clear that I'll rip ya, you're Miracle Whip
An impostor, the data's empirical, skip
All that hogwash about about your austere lack of wit
You mistake for some sort of a lyrical gift
You wanna waste time with those fibs? Go ahead
I'm writing at night when my kids go to bed
Grooving to beats, perfecting the rhymes
Got ya moving your feet as I beckon your minds
To join the movement with me, new directions to climb
As we're cruisin' to leads, no more second this time
Gotta stay focused, gotta block out distractions
When I wasted too much time I sold my copy of Madden
On eBay, and started playing this beat on replay
Then raised some more money to make sure that I got Heath paid

(Heath McNease)
Josh paid me 60 grand, now I'm ballin'
Ludacris status, hooligans now let's get to brawlin'
The Irish kid can give a punch as good as he can take one
Type of kid to spike the punch as good as he can make some
Odelay, 401K, Roth IRA
Blowing up your Kia Optima, I'm reppin' IRA
Junior Gong Marley's in my Mazda
Glock 9 millimeter's in my lap, I'm on my Serg E Blocca
If you don't like my kind of speech, you can take a flyin' leap
She kinda sweet so I charger, Ryan Leaf
Dan Fouts button hook to Kellen Winslow
Useless like a dude installing Helen Keller's windows
Tell 'em where the wind blows, that's where I'll be talkin' smack
You can tell your mama that I'll meet her at the Office Max
Reverend T.D. Bakes, homie you should call me that
Sprinkle Rod Parsley on that zig zag and honor that

Draft after draft, I edit and revise
Write a half paragraph, forget it and resize
And rewrite - Aftermath - once I've said it, your demise
The flag's at half-mast, tombstone read it: "Here he lies"
And your family, all dressed in black, sings Amazing Grace
The casket stays in place (I rap for days and days and days)
And I'll be writin' away until he night turns to day
I'm like a sty in your eye and that sty's gonna stay
Suffice it to say, that's the price that you pay
And try as as you may you can't pry it away
I hone my craft, writing raps at my lunchtime
You're Tony Romo and I'm Tony Horton in crunch time
But there's more to this game than a few decent punchlines
They say "practice makes perfect" and when I practice I want mine
To be polished and tight, home run ball is in flight
I've been rappin for days and days, let's call it a night

You can call the freakin' police on me and Heath McNease
Too much dope in one place, they need to clean the streets
We're the whole enchilada, you're just beef and cheese
Weakened knees from weeks and weeks spent sleepin' - Zs
Sound Scientists on this beastly beat
Leasin' beats for free featuring Heath and me
It's a triple-edged sword, we make ya bleed in threes
Like Arnold said, we can kill it if the creature bleeds


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Verse 2 by Heath McNease
Produced by Sound Scientists
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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