BYOMB: An Ode to Kansas City Barbecue

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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Kansas City has the best BBQ in the world and it makes me fat.


Roll the windows down, fill the tank with gasoline
We 'bout to go to Kansas City, where the grass is green
Draining plates, gaining weight, what is happening?
That was only the beginning of my gradual fattening
Once upon a time when my body mass was lean
I weighed 120 pounds and subscribed to magazines
I used pogs for bets and listened to cassettes
And played outside with friends instead of on the internet
As a result, I was thin as a rubber tree
As time went on, I got progressively chubby, see
As an adult, I made an amazing discovery
I fell in love with smoked meats, and they fell in love with me

Let's go to Kansas City, get the world's best barbecue
Time to eat, let's get some meat, perhaps a carb or two
You might get a little heavier, go one size up in pants
But you'll be a whole lot happier, so get on up and dance

When it comes to barbecue, KC doesn't mess around
People argued for years about who's the best in town
Bryant's, Gates, and Jack Stack all went toe to toe
Until 1996 when the new guy stole the show
Now the best a man can get is found at Oklahoma Joe's
Where bros will overdose until they're full and comatose
So when we're in town, we hit up Joe's whenever we can
Standard meal for me - Mountain Dew and a Z-Man
But the meal's not complete until you get a bag of fries
Head on over to The K, watch the Royals shaggin' flies
Then after the game, go to Jack Stack for lamb ribs
It's BYOMB - Bring Your Own Man Bib


I wore a pair of size 28 jeans and ripped it
After eating a meal of fries, baked beans, and brisket
We all used to go to Fat Charlie's on Blue Ridge
Hole in the wall, made us feel like cool kids
The best-kept secret when you needed a cheap fix
Right before the game, roll up to Arrowhead with Chiefs tix
Cheap chips and a sandwich, open up the box
Tailgate in the parking lot with 101 The Fox
This meat's been cooking all day, steady and slow
Now we got Mitch and Lenny on setting the tone
Asking Kansas City if they're ready to go
Don't even ask, homeboy, you already know



from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Produced by DJ Sean P
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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