Back in the Day featuring DJ Sean P

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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This song is about growing up in the 1990s.


Reminiscing on the good times back in the day
Before I ever heard Eminem rappin' with Dre
I'd go out to the mailbox for the new Labklik tape
Put that in the boombox and blast it for days
They say hip-hop was born from jazz in a way
And jazz was the product of African slaves
Whose masters would take
Communication in all of its facets away
Including instruments, so they had to have new ones fashioned and made
They'd capture and play with the scraps of the day
Nevertheless, the amazing fact is with matchless passion they played
It's with that kind of passion that rappers should spray
We're legitimate artists, not actors and fakers
We scrap and we scrape our pads and our paper
Till a match for its maker is accurately portrayed

Reminiscing on the good times back in the day
When we worked twice as hard for less than half of the pay
Five bucks an hour, I was stackin' the cake
Summer sidewalks were hot enough for crackin' an egg
And fryin' it up, it was tryin' and tough
Workin' outside like I was Shia LaBeouf
Diggin' Holes in heat, it was dull indeed
I hated pullin' weeds, but a bro's in need
Winter sidewalks, I would shovel snow for cheap
Moved from Cali to Chicago, thinkin' "Whoa, it's deep!"
Throwin' snow from the driveway to the frozen street
Woe is me, can't feel a thing from toe to knee
Let me wrap it up, baby, nice and neat
Put some pressure on it, baby, ice and heat
Facin' straight ahead, baby, eyes and feet
Press play on that Walkman, baby, ride the beat

Reminiscing on the good times back in the day
I only turned on the TV if they happened to play
A rapper who paid
More attention to skill than the cash and the fame
I asked Dad for the remote and he said, "Be my guest"
So I ran to the store and bought a blank VHS
No satellite, no DVR for replay then
I set a timer on the VCR for 3 AM
They played a track off of Factors of the Seven by Grits
In between two videos about weapons with clips
Reppin' the Crips or the Bloods
And the drugs and havin' sex with the chicks
I was assessin' the sick state of hip-hop
Grits dropped something fresh in the mix
It was a blessing to this young impressionable kid
So I took notes in hopes that the lesson would stick
I haven't stopped writing since so I'm guessin' it did


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Produced by Glad2Mecha
Cuts by DJ Sean P
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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