A Man in a Woman's World featuring The Runaway

from by Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop

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Two teachers. Two rappers. Two verses each.


(The Runaway)
I didn't get into this job for curriculum buzz words
I want to be an empathetic man who loves nerds
Enough to let em know that it all gets better
Mr. Corbin in his Cosby sweater
Role model, I play it full throttle
Please raise your hand and I'll give you a turn
Canadian hip-hop fans, please discern
I've got a lot to say, but really a lot to learn

All my friends are like, "Josh, what happened here?
I thought you were a teacher, now you got a rap career?"
The teaching thing, it's an actual job, see
The rap doesn't pay, so it's more like a hobby
Monday through Friday I'm teaching mathematics
To rooms full of Call of Duty and Pac-man addicts
Do some math facts, kids, you gotta practice
Till like a Chapman fastball you're the fastest
Who's Chapman? Aroldis, I'm the captain of all this
I'll flex on any topic, man, I'm rappin' 'bout small kids
Who carry gum, nickels and dimes in their wallets
To settle disputes, heads or tails, man? You call it
They haunt my sleep, nearly every night dreamin'
In a cold sweat, I wake up to my wife screamin'
Askin', "Honey, what's wrong? Hon! Honey! Hon!"
I said, "They can't tell me the square root of 121!"

(The Runaway)
In mathematics I find it hard to divide
The time between lesson prep and writing dope lines
In English I'm thinking of ways to connect
The poetry of old with the poets they respect
In science I'm applying laws of relativity
Trying to write rhymes with jaw-dropping ability
Equations, experiments, and don't forget sonnets
Sew it all together like it's home economics

I'm a man in a woman's world, lonely and depressed
That's why I write rhymes at lunch break and recess
Under water, trapped in a little cage swimmin'
Surrounded by middle-class, middle-aged women
It's not even close, outnumbered by leaps and bounds
Every time I dare to step foot in the teacher's lounge
They look at me weird when I eat some pulled pork
Like I might as well stab my own tongue with a dull fork
Their power is real, think how it must feel
To be surrounded by people eating salads as meals
But they gotta snack on some hummus and crackers first
And talk about Amazing Race and The Bachelor
Tonight's the big night, Grey's Anatomy
It's the season finale, how amazin' that'll be
Let's get together, ladies, make it happen, please
Let's celebrate tonight with drinks at 8 at Applebee's


from GOOD CLEAN FUN, released March 21, 2014
Verses 1 and 3 by The Runaway (Jon Corbin)
Produced by muzeONE
Mixed and mastered by NomiS



all rights reserved


Joshua Kennedy Hip-Hop Springfield, Missouri

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